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The Fractal Brand Method and How it Can Help You Scale Your Business

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Most entrepreneurs miss one crucial step when they start their business. Or maybe, they attempt to do it, but they give it one half-hearted go and call it “good enough”.

At first, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. But as the business grows larger, and expansion seems like a real possibility, suddenly, that gaping hole in their strategy becomes more and more apparent.

They didn’t create a strong core brand, and so the center of their fractal strats to recreate its own error and eventually falls apart.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the Fractal Brand Method is a method of scaling your business and leveraging your brand to successfully launch multiple products. It’s amazing, and opens the door to exponential success. But if you don’t form a strong core brand strategy at the outset of our business, then your fractal brand will fracture.

So let’s talk about it: what the fractal brand method is, why a core brand strategy is so crucial, and how the method can help you scale your business.

Fractal Branding 101

Fractal branding is the idea that a strong business starts with a core brand identity. It starts with a set of core values, mission, and vision that are all purposefully aligned. This core brand identity is the culture which forms the base of your businesses, and the backbone of everything you create no matter which way you pivot.

In order to build a strong core brand strategy, it will probably require niching down and building a relationship with your audience. Once you find your culture, you can cultivate your niche, build momentum, and use that momentum to leverage the other ways you want your business to expand.

But even as you expand, you always come back to your core culture. That strong, strategic branding creates familiarity with your audience, and a trust in your brand’s values. It builds loyalty, and name recognition.

Take Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. He started with Virgin Records, and has since expanded his business into an empire encompassing everything from mobile networks to spaceships. But throughout it all, his brand is instantly recognizable in every single subsidiary.

Or look at Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffet. Buffet’s culture of frugality and hard work proliferates his company culture across every aspect of the brand. You know who he is, and what he stands for.

If you have a strong core brand, then everything you create will perpetuate and reinforce that value.

How Fractal Branding Helps You Scale

In terms of growth, a fractal brand method is how you can leverage your brand as a communication strategy to talk to people in a specific group through the lens of an overarching business. Through a core brand strategy and fractal branding, serial entrepreneurs can align subsidiary brands with larger values, and make sure that everything in the business works together to benefit the whole.

When you have an aligned core brand, each component of your business feeds into each other, generating increased wealth and exponential growth.

If you start your business through the intentional process of fractal branding, then you as an entrepreneur will have a clearer understanding of the business you want to create, and the legacy you want to build. It reinforces the deliberate process of carefully evaluating your options and choosing the business paths that best align with your long-term goals.

The Flip Side of Fractal Branding

Let’s be real – every entrepreneur wants a fractal brand. We all want multiple income streams and businesses that scale wealth. But if you throw yourself headfirst into serial entrepreneurship without a clear brand strategy, then a fractal brand will fracture under the weight of a weak core.

When you don’t create a strong brand, you’re building a house of cards – it’s incongruent, misaligned, and expensive. Because you really do need a strong brand. So here are your options:

You can either build your brand early on, and do it right, once, or you can spend time and money iterating and redesigning your brand strategy over and over again.

A strong brand strategy is work worth doing. So take the time to do it, and do it well. Don’t just slap a logo on your business and call it a day.

Your business, and your clients, deserve better.

The Bottom Line

We all want success. We want it as fast as we can get it. But sometimes we forget that in our quest to build wealth as fast as we can, we risk building our business on a house of cards.

True, long-lasting success starts with a strong foundation. This foundation is even more critical for a fractal brand with multiple subsidiaries.