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If you’re here, you’re probably a founder, influencer, entrepreneur or expert. Welcome to a new way of experiencing and integrating your business and your life. 

Lead Your

Highest Life

Master Your Innate Gifts, Identity, and Message

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I'm guessing you're here because you're ready get seen, heard and paid in a way that aligns with your highest vision for yourself and your business.

I'm a branding and online business consultant with more than a decade of experience dedicated to helping business owners own their genius and transform their image, message, and business with a high converting online presence.

Are you struggling aligning your business with your larger mission and vision?

You're answering the call but still struggle with...

feeling super clear about what your role is in building your business?

identifying with being a leader, founder, or entrepreneur?

staying in your zone of genius 90% of the day?

Effortlessly talking about and selling your product to investors or customers?

It's time to drop the outdated business model.

I help visionaries like you activate, master, and apply your genius so you can...

EMBODY YOUR IDENTITY AS A FOUNDER, entrepreneur, AND LEADER Without sacrificing your values

strategically design your career so you can Build long term wealth

Know exactly what you have to offer and how much its worth

annihilate all boundary issues IN YOUR WORK

feel so aligned with what you’re selling that your offer becomes an act of service

Own Your Genius

Mastery for visionary women

A 5 Day Intensive To Completely Level Up
Your Identity and Become The Person You Need To Be
In Order To Execute Your Massive Vision


Mary helped me totally reframe my mindset around what it means to be an entreprenuer. She is a master of positioning and long term thinking and she made me value myself at a whole new level

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Customized Business Coaching

Work with me one-on-one to get the deep, transformational support you need to perfect your image and message. 


Strategy, Design, Development

Strategy, technology, and marketing consulting for online businesses.



Co-promotion and collaboration are the lifeblood of my business. Let’s work together to amplify our impact. 

I've helped dozens of visionaries transform their entrepreneurial identities.

Let's Redefine "You"

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Identity Medicine

I'm not your typical mentor.

My Genius: Extraction of Brilliance

You have proprietary and valuable knowledge inside of you. How much it’s worth depends on how good you are at extracting it, packaging it, and selling it. Mindset shifts around self worth only work if you have the tools to actualize, collect, and retain the value. I can help you.

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